Stan is the General Manager / Director of Operations. A longtime New Jersey resident he brings over 18 years experiences in the automotive dealership. He is most seen as the face of the company with his ongoing love for marketing, social media and networking. Stan is “jack of all trades” at Dealer Retention Services being able to manage every aspect of the operations from sales, marketing, client support, training and everything in between. A successful and well known automotive executive that has a track record of training and building successful sales departments in auto dealerships he continues to improve his craft. He is nationally recognized as an author for numerous industry publications and speaker at some of the most premier industry conferences.

He lives with his fiancée Jennifer and their two beautiful pets, a cat Sasha and dog Cartier. Stan has a list of hobbies that include music, playing guitar, wine, cigars and being a foodie. Often the life of the party and always with a gigantic heart Stan focuses on bringing the goodness everywhere around him.


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